tiistai 23. elokuuta 2016

New transmission

I managed to sell my 091 as I'm sure it would not have lasted long with the power I'm aiming at. And right at the same time this came up for sale in UK. It's a brand new custom build sequential Mendeola 2D with stronger gears than normal 2D and redesigned shift mechanism. Now I just need to build the car around it.

maanantai 13. kesäkuuta 2016

Had to try some random wheel just to know how it sits. This is about ride height and at least to me the fit is close to perfect.

I brought the body to own garage for final fitting before paint. I will also weld all the panel tabs inside. I just hope front wheel is in correct location as changing that is a big job. Looks OK so far.

keskiviikko 25. toukokuuta 2016

I had to replace pedals as it was quite hard to fit throttle position sensor to the Jamar pedals. I got OBP pedas and of course they did not fit without modifications but now they are there. Now I just need to find a linear position sensor and make it fit. 

tiistai 10. toukokuuta 2016


torstai 10. maaliskuuta 2016

Paint in process

Mika sent me pictures and looks like he has started painting the body.

tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2015

The body is soon ready for paint. There's still a little welding to do but looks like I will be able to take this to Mika right in the beginning of next year.